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The Night Before My Birthday Book
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The Night Before My Birthday Book  is a way of creating a new tradition for all families; one based on the celebration of your cherished child. The book is to be read on the eve of the birthday while your young one is tucked in bed, full of anticipation. It is a night of transition, birthday wishes, and dreams as your child prepares to go to sleep and magically wake up one year older. HOW TO USE THIS BOOK: You will see blank spaces on some of the pages. As you read the book, the first two blanks will be your child’s present age and the rest will be the brand new age as well as the number of hugs and kisses and candles on the birthday cake. At the back of the book, you will see pages to keep a birthday chronicle. For Example, Roll Mouse Over Here. On those pages you can record who read the book to the birthday child, the date, and which birthday eve is being celebrated. There are lines to include dreams that came true for that year, events and accomplishments to remember. This creates a childhood memoir, a keepsake for a lifetime. Children come into our hearts and homes in so many different ways, and there are many different types of families. My birthday wish for you as parents, stepparents, and loved ones is not to create a tradition for just your child, but for you as well. Enjoy celebrating your own transition into parenthood, or whatever loving relationship you share with the child you tuck into bed. This new birthday tradition honors and celebrates that transition, that defining moment when we all become part of a growing family. Joni Rubinstein        2012