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Birthday Stories Home |  About The Book  | About the Author and Illustrator | Supporting Dreams | Order Here | Birthday Stories This page is for your questions, comments, and stories. If you read The Night Before My Birthday Book to your child tell us about it! A Grandmother in Tucson named Diane: "What age is this book best for? When should my children start reading it to my grandchildren?" Joni: TNBMBB is not really a children's book as much as it is a family book. The purpose is to create a new tradition of celebrating a birthday  and  the family. If you read it to your child on the eve of birthday #1 your child may not remember it, but you will. After all it is your birth-day too. I have worked with adoptive families and know that not everyone gives birth to their children. So this tradition is a way of celebrating the child's birth and arrival into heart and home. But if you just got the book and your children are older don't worry, it is never too late to start something special, and you may find you continue this for a long time. I read it this year it to my daughter on the phone when she turned 30. And my younger daughter reads it to me on the phone, I read it to my husband, it's just what we do. Maybe it will be what you do too. Sylvia in NY: "I volunteer in a kindergarten and I want to get it for the classroom." Joni: I work in a public elementary school as a counselor, and I thank you for volunteering, especially in kindergarten. Schools need volunteers now more than ever. TNBMBB is not really a book to read in school. It is a book meant to be read only on the night before the birthday with your child tucked in bed, then put away for the next year. This is what keeps it so magical for children and special as a family tradition. The book has pages for the parents to keep a chronicle of dreams that came true each year for the child which creates a keepsake. I appreciate that you not only volunteer your time but want to do more for your kinders. I imagine the teacher has a wish list of wonderful books for the classroom that the kids would love.